Residential Investment / Buy To Let

Fiducia Commercial Solutions can provide clients with residential investment commercial finance options.

These commercial finance options can provided to individuals or businesses log to invest in residential properties for rental purposes.

These range from a single property to building a portfolio of properties including Buy To Lets, Houses of Multiple Occupancy and Multi Unit Freehold Blocks.

Residential Investment Finance

Fiducia Commercial Solutions can provide buy-to-let financing available for individuals or companies looking to invest in residential properties for rental purposes.

These options are designed to provide funding for the purchase or refinancing of residential properties that will be rented out to tenants.

Buy To Let Mortgages

Buy-to-let mortgages (BTL) are specifically designed for individuals or companies who want to purchase a property with the intention of renting it out.

These mortgages typically have higher interest rates and require a larger deposit compared to residential mortgages for owner-occupied properties.

Lenders assess the potential rental income of the property to determine the loan amount and affordability.

It has become increasingly popular to divide properties into individual areas and let individual rooms out to multiple tenants who live independently.

HMO And MUFB FInance

Fiducia Commercial Solutions can provide finance for such developments, known as House in Multiple Occupancy (HMO).

And investments requiring funding for Multi Unit Freehold Blocks (MUFB), a single freehold property which has been split up into multiple self-contained units can be easily sourced through Fiducia Commercial Solutions.

Fiducia Commercial Solutions can also provide specialised residential investment finance options.

For example, portfolio finance is designed for investors with multiple properties.

It allows investors to consolidate their existing buy-to-let mortgages into a single loan, simplifying management and potentially reducing costs.

Commercial Buy-To-Let Financing

There are also options for limited company buy-to-let financing. This involves setting up a limited company (“Special Purpose Vehicle” or SPV) to hold and manage the investment properties.

Limited company buy-to-let mortgages have different eligibility criteria and tax implications compared to individual buy-to-let mortgages.

The vastly experienced Fiducia Commercial Solutions team work with clients to carefully evaluate their financing needs, rental income potential, and the specific requirements of their investment strategy.

Our brokers will help you to find the most suitable lender and stay by your side to help you navigate the complex residential investment finance landscape.

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